Family business consultancy

Get advice from someone who has walked the walk.

I meet family owners with understanding because I have been a part of the family-owned business, Brunata, for most of my life. This is something that they value. Book a meeting to learn if I can help you and your company.

Consultancy tailored to family businesses

Business consultant with personal experience from a family-run company

I help you professionalize relations between family owners and strengthen cooperation between the family and externally recruited top managers.

That is how I contribute to creating the best possible conditions for maximizing your investment returns.

As chair of the board of Brunata, I oversaw the sale of the company – basically a success story about a turnaround, expansion, and growth in the middle of a succession.

Was it challenging and conflictual to get to a point where we could strengthen the foundations of our company, reinvent our business, and implement a sale? Yes.
Can you draw on my experiences to get through the challenges you might face in an easier and better manner? That is what my customers say.

My time with Brunata and many years of board work, consultancy, and having dialogues with various family businesses constitute the experience that I employ when I advise you.

I am deeply committed to helping other companies get through the challenges that I have overcome with my family.

Contact me to schedule a phone meeting about a possible cooperation.

Contact me

You can book Eva Fischer as a speaker or consultant to your family- or partner-owned business. Eva Fischer can also be contacted about her work as a professional board member.

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