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“Family owners must often act as functional family, professional management and mandate-savvy owners all at the same time. I will help you connect the dots.”

Is your family ready to accept help for your business?

Consultancy and business lectures for family businesses and owners

You probably recognize the sentiment: Your family business is more than just a business to you.

As family owners, you are financially dependent on your company – and your company depends on you to unite in running your business professionally.

Sometimes, the relationship between the company and your family may feel symbiotic. You thrive running your business together – and you feel that the successes of the company define you as individuals and as a family.

At other times, you are challenged as family owners because running a modern business can be immensely challenging – and because day-to-day business dealings weigh heavily on your family relations.

I know what you are going through.

As the owners of Brunata, a family business, my family and I lived through the ups and downs that your family may have experienced or are going through right now.

The business consumes the family and ends up pushing family relations into the background or causing them to become dysfunctional.

Family problems become company problems – and that is when you have entered a negative spiral.

So, what can you do to achieve a positive change where personal relations and the bottom line are reconciled?

Book a free phone meeting and find out – or read on and get an important part of the answer.

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You can book Eva Fischer as a speaker or consultant to your family- or partner-owned business. Eva Fischer can also be contacted about her work as a professional board member.

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My advice to you and your family is to find a consultant whom you trust; and one that understands the special challenges that family owners face.

My own consultancy and lectures are based on a wealth of personal and professional experiences which I gladly share with family-owned businesses.

And my conclusions are clear:

As family owners you must know and stick with your core values. You must work determinedly to professionalize your management – and get your family to function in a business setting as well as privately.

It is a complicated process, and one that I have been through with my family before we sold our business at a significant profit. It is also a process which interests me so much that I dedicate my time to help other family owners get through it.

I consult and give lectures on:

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