Is your family business acting out its core values?

Is your family business acting out its core values?

Hopefully, the answer is yes. Indeed, family businesses have a unique opportunity to execute long-term strategies that are completely value-based. Strategies that can make your business a pioneer in an area that is important to your customers and society as a whole.

In companies where new faces dominate the annual general meeting, there is a risk that figures in quarterly reports and annual accounts determine company objectives.

There, soft-core values have to give way when shareholders demand short-term returns and share price increases.

But as an OWNER FAMILY, you may be uncompromising when it comes to values-based management because your values are deeply rooted in you. And because your cohesiveness gives you optimal conditions to translate values into a clearly executable strategy.

Example: Do your core values call for gender equality in the boardroom - and do you believe that a more even gender balance will strengthen the bottom line?

In that case, you are in a good position to make it happen because your business is owned by a family that can make the decision and stick to it as a cohesive unit.

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