"Why does SHE always get the attention?"

"Why does she always get the attention?"

The question is probably as old as humanity. When humans began to hunt and kill primordial cows, we worked in cohesive groups. But when the clan gathered around the camp fire at night, only one person could boast about throwing that last spear that made the kill.

And one wonders if that didn't occasionally irritate the others?

Because that is reality.

Whether we are talking about ancient clans or modern family businesses, there is typically one person that is more visible than the others. It is the person who leads the way. The leader. And leading and being very visible can create frustration in others if they don't feel seen and valued.

Are you the one who takes the lead?

If so, remember: If the rest of the company's managers and employees did not perform their roles competently, you would never succeed as a business leader.

Feel free to share your successes.

But do not forget to highlight the people who made them possible. For they took a risk and performed an essential task skillfully - and they have a right to expect praise and recognition from you and others.

Without them, there would be no organization that could succeed; no job functions working together to deliver a high quality end product.

Be particularly attentive when the circle around you consists of family members. Because rivalries and similar dynamics may be amplified when dragged into the world of business. And so, the need for recognition that is felt by your siblings and cousins may be at least as great as that of others in the organization.

Contact me if you experience challenging relationships in your owner family. I will help you determine how best to deal with your problems.

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