"Unqualified and incompetent!"

That is how I worried others would think of me when I became head of the Norwegian division of my family's business.

I was 'just' a trained sail-maker, I thought.

And who knew how I would do in a company with a high level of specialization, a large turnover and many employees?

The uncertainty was much greater because I NEVER had formal management training OR a detailed contract.

If you are a family member without the 'proper' educational qualifications, a well-drafted contract will make an extra positive difference.

You will feel more confident when you can tick off some clearly defined goals as you meet them.

And senior management can feel assured that you are delivering at the same level as an employee with formal management training.

The contract cannot and should not replace a training certificate.

But the parties have a unique opportunity to crystalize the 'family candidate's' strengths and weaknesses and translate them into responsibilities and objectives, as the dialogue concerning the contract unfolds.

This creates a common understanding of what the candidate brings to the table - with or without a diploma.

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Eva Fischer Hansen

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