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As an experienced business advisor in the field of corporate governance and business operations, I specialize particularly in family-owned businesses. My advice spans a range of different branches of business management, including turnaround and business development, succession planning and the cooperation of owner families internally as well as with externally recruited top executives. I also share my many years of family business experience through lectures on the potentials and challenges of family dynamics in family businesses.


Business advisory services are very complex and no two businesses are the same. Therefore, it often requires a business advisor with many years of experience in order for the advice to have the desired effect. Before you finally choose your business advisor, I would like to present the following advice:

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You can book Eva Fischer as a speaker or consultant to your family- or partner-owned business. Eva Fischer can also be contacted about her work as a professional board member.

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  • Find the specialist for your challenges
    Before you choose a business consultant, you need to make sure that there is a match between your company's specific challenges and the skills of your future business consultant. There are many different types of business consultants. Make sure you find two or three that specialize in your needs before you decide to work together.

  • Experience and references
    Look for business advice where the advisor has many years of experience under their belt. Do your homework really well and ask previous clients for information about the advisor's skills and results from previous advisory services.

  • Chemistry
    Check the chemistry before making a final agreement. It is important to have a good chemistry with the business adviser, as this is particularly conducive to working together and thereby achieving the desired results.

If you are in charge of decision-making in a family-owned business, you may want to look in the direction of business consultancy with special experience in this type of business. Family-owned businesses often face specific challenges that do not necessarily appear in other companies - therefore it is particularly important to find a partner who is familiar with the special dynamics that can occur in owner families and in the management of family businesses.


My many years of experience in management from the family business Brunata A/S form the basis for my work as a business consultant. As a business consultant, I contribute with a wide range of competencies and know-how within, among other things, business and management development.

In my view, business consulting aims to ensure that the owner family or management team works successfully together to achieve the company's objectives. It always seeks to reverse negative trends and to restore or maintain financial stability in the business.

In my approach to business consulting, I often work closely with the entire management team. This gives me a greater understanding of the company's current situation and allows me to better contribute to management development in both the short and long term.


For many years, I have helped family-owned companies at home and abroad with identifying and handling specific challenges in order to get the company back on track. All companies are, as mentioned above, different and therefore each collaboration requires tailor-made processes. Overall, however, I typically divide my work into six phases:


In this initial phase, all relevant parties sit down together and discuss the company's current situation. We address the company's strengths and current challenges inside and outside the organization and how these impact the achievement of the overall goals and vision.


In this phase, we examine the company's financial situation and its strategy. The company's potential must be identified and key areas identified. This could be strategy, marketing or the management structure, for example.

Action plan

Based on the analysis, an action plan will be drawn up with concrete measures to support the company's development and overall vision.


The action plan will be implemented in the organization together with management and employees. Changes in the management structure, company strategy, marketing, etc. may be necessary.


To ensure an effective implementation phase, we continuously follow up on the initiatives launched. Action is taken if deemed necessary to ensure the desired results.


The process and the results achieved are evaluated and, if we deem it necessary, we look at a plan to ensure future stability and success.

How to get help with business advice

My years of experience in helping companies improve their financial situation and achieve great results I would also like to bring into play for you. Contact me today and let's find out together how I can support your path to realizing your potential.

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